Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I use VoodDooPad on my MacBookPro more and more these days. So here is some content. Check http:\\www.intrepid-fox.com\voodoopad from time to time...
The new banner above is a picture of Belgium found on Flickr (err... the picture... not Belgium).
Anyway... I am at this music shop counter, waiting to pay for A BitterSweet Life (a stunning piece of movie), when I notice this stockish country-side fellow at the listening post. He is banging his head "Europe" style and strumming air with virtual sticks. I am talking manic... and oblivious to the 62 individuals looking at him. A pensioner moves away cradling her bag. Some of us smile. This goes on for a good 5 minutes. I finally get to the counter, pay my due and start moving away when "Keith Moon" puts the headphones down and turns around.
I enquire with half a smirk: "Any good?"
Him seriously: "Naaaa, it's shiite mate".