Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Elbow and Ribcage

Bow to ze elbowI really enjoyed the first Elbow LP "Asleep at the Back", so am quite curious to see what LP number dos will bring... from an email on the Elbow mailing list:

The single, "Ribcage", will be elbow's first foray into the world of downloadable music and will also give fans access to a unique interactive screensaver that plays demo versions of tracks from the LP in addition to allowing access to video and audio tracks and the band's favourite website of the moment. Those who have already seen the screensaver will have noticed that the member of elbow in the "studio" changes over time, allowing everyone a chance to see their favourite member in action. "Ribcage" is a great taster for fans of "Cast of Thousands". Building on the elbow sound of the Mercury and Brit nominated "Asleep in the Back", the track grows into a hypnotic gospel mantra and is a pointer towards the more expansive approach of "Cast of Thousands", as evidenced by the first known recording of a pre tongue vocal. To achieve this bizarre and unique effect, producer Ben Hillier taped a contact mike to Guy's throat, producing a percussive vocal effect.

mmh....err... right...

Also the guest at the recent Death in Vegas concert in Brixton was the seminal band ESG - supposedly the most sampled band ever, with a story going back to the 70s and apparently as influential as the Beatles. Read more here. If you go and see them you will finally understand why it is called a "fat sound". I loved it.